Designer Notes: Emanuele Luzzati

Emanuele Luzzati (1921-2007) was best known as an Italian painter and film director. His production designs showed up in the London Festival Ballet and the Chicago Opera House. He was interested in tarot symbolism which influenced much of his art. 


Emanuele Luzzati Brass Panel

This hammered brass panel titled, "Bacchanalia" is by artist, Emanuele Luzzati. It was a series created for the ocean liner Stella Solaris. It was unearthed from the mud in Agra, India where the ship was dismantled. This particular panel (# 19) was located to the right of the door in the bar. The repairs are where the beer taps were originally placed. 

c. 1970's

Dimensions: 49.25"h x 23.5"w x .5"d

Price: $5200