Melissa Sutton is the visionary and creative-force behind Charleston, SC based firm, Plum Collective. After earning her degree in Studio Art, she honed her craft under direction of AD100 designer Michael Smith. Her 15 years of experience spans from interior decorator, set designer, shop owner/curator, to creative consultant. And even though her design aesthetic is always evolving her approach remains the same. 

Her sensibility and knowledge of interior design history and sourcing is encyclopedic, well-rounded and extremely valuable to the design process. She is passionate about curating contemporary and 20th Century furniture and has worked with people all over the world to help improve their collections. 

Plum Collective services span the full scope of the design process and includes: project managing,  purchasing, custom furniture design,  job site visits, and installations. Her relationships with artisans and craftsmen also play an integral role in developing each project. 

Her experience with a variety of commercial and residential projects is extensive in terms of scope and aesthetic, but each is thoughtfully designed and realized to reflect and enhance the lives of the clients who dwell in them. She will always prefer collaborations with the ultimate goal being to help a client get to their own point of view. 

The Plum Collective is a curation of objects, ideas and perspectives of those who shape and inspire our view. We are particularly passionate about 20th Century furniture and the artisans who create with an authenticity that has become elusive. We aspire to provide something that makes you see differently, think differently, and hopefully in turn, feel differently. Our vision is to create a space where curiosity can be nurtured, perspectives shaped, art and artisans celebrated and a piece of history can be acquired. We want to present a collection that has something for everyone.

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